Account Summary - Contact Information

 Change Your Contact Information 

  1. Log in with your library credentials. [Your first name] Account slides out to the left.  

  2. Click the arrow to open the drop-down list of Account options, and then click Account Summary.


  1. Summary opens to display a recap of what you have on loan or on hold, and bring to your attention any issues you may have on your account.  Your contact information also displays with links to forms where you can make changes to your information. Refer to the example below.



  1. Click the Change Contact Info link, or click the Contact Information option to open Edit Your Contact Information.  An example is shown below.



  1. Make changes to your information. You can change your address, email, phone number, alternate phone number phone carrier, preferred language, and/or preferred branch.

  2. Click Save.

Note: Depending on your library's set-up, instead of a Library PIN other options may be offered such as Library ID, name, phone, ZIP code, or a combination.

  1. A green banner displays at the top of the screen, Your information was saved.

  2. Remember to log out when you have finished.  Failure to log out could allow other borrowers to access your personal information.  After a certain amount of time with no mouse activity, you will be automatically logged out.