Account Summary

Account Summary contains links to your account information and lets you quickly see your status and any immediate issues on your account.  Here you can get a quick overview of your Loans, Fines, Holds and Reading Recommendations. You can change your Contact Information, Library PIN, EZ Username, or EZ Password.

If you do not have an EZ Login, you can create one in Account Summary.

Refer to the following example displaying the Summary option.  This example has three issues which need addressed.  See Account Activity for more information on handling Loans, Fines and Holds and Recommendations for titles at your library that might be of interest to you.




To access Account Summary log in with your library credentials.  [Your first name] Account slides out to the left.  Click the arrow to open the drop-down list of Account options, and then click Account Summary.


The following topics will help you with any changes you need to make to your account information: Please note, your address information may not be visible within Contact Information based on security setting policies established by your library system.


See also Account Activity,  Recommendations, Saved Lists and Saved Searches for other Account options.