Online Borrower Registration (OBR)

If your library is set up to allow Online Borrower Registration, you will see a Create Account link next to Log In.  This topic will explain how to complete the form.  If you do NOT see the Create Account link, your library is not set up to allow you to register online through your Public Access Catalog (PAC).  Check with your Library Administrator to see how to register as a new borrower.


Completing the OBR form

  1. If you are new to the library and would like to obtain a library card, click Create Account, found next to the Log In link in the upper right corner.  



  1. The Online Borrower Registration form opens.  Click the check box next to I agree to the library's Terms and Conditions to enable the form.  Click the Terms and Conditions link if you want to view the agreement your library has posted.

  2. Complete the form.  Any fields with an asterisk (*) are required and need completed to fully register.


Note: You will see a Sign in with Google link at the top of the form if your library has a Google Account.  When you click this link, the system pre-populates your Name, Email, and Gender.  Complete any other fields required on the form.


If you link your Google account to your library account it makes it easy to log in when you want to place a hold, save a list, pay a fine, and more.  You will need to log in to your library account once you set up your Google account to link your information with your library account.


  1. Once you complete the form, click Register.  A green banner displays at the top of the screen with the message, Your account has been successfully added.  A Welcome page displays, as shown below.  The fields you completed on the form are summarized and a temporary barcode displays.


Make a note of your temporary barcode. (shown in red below)  You will need this barcode to log in, along with the PIN you created on the form.



  1. After reviewing the summary page, click My Account.  You are taken to the Account Summary Page.  See Account Activity and Account Summary for more information on these areas.


  1. If your library set up the ability to add family members to your new account, under Account Summary, click Linked Accounts, the menu option found on the left side of the screen.  Click the Add Another Borrower link, as shown below, to open the registration form and complete the information for the dependent you want to add.



  1.  A summary screen displays with the information you entered.  Make a note of the temporary barcode for each person you add.  They can have the same PIN you assigned to yourself, but the barcode is their unique identifier.  At the bottom of the summary, click Linked Accounts.  The Linked Accounts page opens and if you have additional dependents to add, click the Add Another Borrower link; otherwise, you can start searching at the top of the page.


Adding new borrowers under your account makes you responsible for them.  Any checked out items that become past due, or fines added on their account, may affect your own library account depending on your library's policy.


Note: If your library allows you to view the accounts of the borrowers you set up under Linked Accounts, you will see a table under Linked Accounts, as shown below outlined in red, displaying the Borrower Name, Status, Items Out, Items Overdue, Total Holds, Arrived Holds, and Fines.