Log In

A Log In is required if you want to:

Log in with your Library ID or Library Card Number and PIN.  If you need a login, ask the library staff to assist you.


Online Borrower Registration 

Some libraries offer Online Borrower Registration where you can register for a Library Card Number and create your own PIN.  If your library has set up Online Borrower Registration, you will see a Create Account link next to the Log In link in the upper right corner.  Refer to the example below.  See Online Borrower Registration for more information.


EZ Login

If you want to set up an EZ Login, so you can create your own Username and Password, see Create EZ Login.

If you already have an EZ Login and forgot your EZ Password, see Reset EZ Password for instructions.  An email address needs to be on file to reset your EZ Password.


How to Log In

  1. Click Log In, located in the top right corner, as shown below.  

  1. A Log In to your Account pop-up displays.


  1. Type your Library ID or Library Card Number and PIN, or if you have already set up an EZ Login, type your EZ Username and EZ Password.  If you do not have an EZ Login, you can create one under your Account.  See Create EZ Login.


Use the correct combination to log in: Library Card Number or Library ID AND PIN,

OR, if you created an EZ Login, EZ Username AND EZ Password, OR click Sign in with Google.


  1. Select the Remember Me check box to retain your login and not be continually prompted for your information.  The system will retain your information unless you clear the cache in your browser.  If you do not see the Remember Me check box,  your library has turned this functionality off.

  2. After typing your library credentials, click Log In.  [Your first name] Account slides out to the left, as shown in the example below.


If you see a red circle next to [Your name] Account (as shown in the example above), there are issues on your account that need attention.  The number in the circle indicates the number of issues on your account.  Click the red circle and the Account Summary page opens to display the issues (e.g. overdues, fines, arrived holds,etc.)  See Account Summary for more information.


Log In with your Google Account

If you have established an account with Google and your library has also set up an account with Google, the Log In to your Account form displays a Sign In with Google link, as shown below.



Click the link to set up your Google account and link it with your PAC account.  Once set up with Google you need to sign in with your LS2 PAC Log In (Library Card Number/PIN or EZ Username/EZ Password) to sync your account.  A confirmation displays at the top of the screen, Your Google Account has been linked.  The next time you log into the PAC, you only need to click the link; no need for a Library Card Number/PIN or EZ Username/EZ Password.

Under Account Summary, click Linked Accounts to display your associated Google email account.  Click Remove if you ever want to disconnect your Google account.  Your Google email is replaced with the Sign In with Google link.  You can always return to this area if you want to reconnect to your Google account.

See Create a Google Sign In for more information.


Having trouble logging in?