Download an Electronic Resource

What's Needed to Download


What to Look for in the Search Results

In your search results you will see the item's availability and how many copies your library has, along with how many others are waiting for the item, when applicable.  In some cases you will be able to place a hold, cancel a hold, and view your holds and checked out items from the Account Activity area.  If you library uses Mackin as an eResource provider you are able to return and renew items.  The different options for availability are discussed below.









If OverDrive or Axis 360 or Mackin is unavailable (the site goes down), the search results will no longer show the item's availability.  The search results will display Downloadable with a More Options button.  Clicking More Options may allow you to still connect to the site.  If you get an error message instead, try again later to access the eResource you want.

If your library is not using OverDrive or Axis 360 or Mackin as their eBook/eAudio provider, the search results will show Downloadable with a More Options button, as seen in the example below.  Click More Options to redirect you to the provider's site to display the availability of the item.



How to Download

  1. Perform a search for the eResource you want.  Look for search results displaying a Download button.  Under the book jacket the format displays as eBook, eAudiobook, Electronic Resource, etc.  Some results also display 'Downloadable', as shown in the example below.  This helps to easily see which of your search results are electronic resources.



You may also see just a Download button with the availability displaying, as shown below.  Your library is using OverDrive or Axis 360 and/or Mackin as an eResource provider if you see availability on eResources in your search results.  



  1. Click the Download button.  If your library is using OverDrive or Axis 360 and/or Mackin, you will be redirected to the eBook/eAudio provider's site to continue the download process.  Since there are different providers follow the instructions for the device you are using to download your selected eResources.  The example below shows the site for the eBook provider OverDrive.  You can see how many copies are available and how many the library has to lend.  If the title is 'checked out', the Available Copies show '0' and you have the option to place a hold from the eResource provider's site.  In some cases, if your library has set up an eIntegration option, you are able to download your selected eResource, or place a hold directly from your PAC.

If this is the first time you have ever downloaded, additional software will need to be installed to be able to access the title.  See eResource Basics for more information on what additional software is needed and what devices are compatible or not.  



  1. Once the eResource is downloaded to your device you have an allotted time to read the eBook or ePub, or listen to the eAudio.  If you finish reading your eBook or listening to your eAudio before its due date, you can always delete it from your device.

  2. You will receive a notice via email when your eResource is going to expire.  Once past the expiration date, you will no longer have access to the material. You can delete the title from your device, if desired.

  3. If you have placed an eResource on hold, you will receive an email notice when the item becomes available. You will be given an allotted amount of time in the email to download the title to your device.  If you do not download in the allotted time, the hold will expire and you will need to place another hold on the item if you are still interested.

  4. Your library may allow checking out and placing holds on eResources from inside your library's catalog.  If this is the case, when you see an eBook, eAudio, ePub, etc. in the search results, you will also see a Download or Place Hold button.  

If you are downloading for the first time, make sure you have set up the proper accounts for the format you need.  See eResource Basics for more information.



If your library is using Mackin, you will also be able to renew or return your eResource.  Under Account Activity > Loans you will see a Renew and Return button, as shown in the example below.  If your return is unsuccessful, the title remains checked out.  Click Synchronize eBook Info to remove the item from Loans under Account Activity,  You can also renew multiple Mackin eResources selecting each check box to the right of the title.  Select the check box at the top of the list to renew all of your current loans. A dialog box displays with any titles the system could not renew.