Create a Google Sign In

If your library has an account with Google, after you click Log In, the Log In to your Account form opens and you will see a Sign in with Google link, shown outlined in red below.




Click the Sign in with Google link, shown above, to set up your Google account.  The Sign in with Google form displays, as shown in the example below.  If you already have an account set up with Google, your associated email displays.  Click the account you want to link to continue the process.  




If you do NOT have a Google account set up yet, follow the steps to set up an email account with Google.


If you are already logged in, you can still link your account with Google. Under the Account drop-down, click Account Summary and then click Linked Accounts from the menu on the left.  The Sign in with Google link also displays here, as shown in the example below.



Once set up with Google you need to log in with your library account again (Library ID/ PIN or EZ Username/EZ Password) to link your library account with your Google account.  The Log in to your Account form will display, as shown below, with the message, Your email [your email address] is not linked to your library account. Please log in to link your Google account to your library account.



Once you login with your Library ID or EZ Login, a confirmation displays at the top of the screen, Your Google Account has been linked.  When you log in to PAC the next time, click the Sign in with Google link and the system will log you in without the need to enter a Library Card Number/ PIN or EZ Username/EZ Password.


You will receive an email at the email address you listed on your library account (under Contact Information) advising that your Google account was linked to your library account.  This is sent just to ensure you initiated the change.  An email is also sent if you Google account is unlinked from your library account.  If you do not have an email set up under Contact Information, you will not receive an email. 



Remove Google Account


If you want to remove your Google account, under Account Summary click Linked Accounts from the menu options on the left to view the email address linked to your Google account.  Click Remove under your Google email address.  Refer to the example below.



When you remove your email address, an Are You Sure? dialog displays, Are you sure you want to unlink your Google account?  When you click OK your email address is replaced with the Sign in with Google link.  You can always come back to Linked Accounts and link up your Google email address by clicking the Sign in with Google link.


An email is sent out to confirm you initiated Google to unlink your account.