Search Reading Levels

If your library participates in Reading Programs you will see a Reading Levels link in addition to the Advanced Search link next to the Search box.  The Reading Levels tab provides a specialized search form for Lexile® and/or Accelerated Reader.  LS2 PAC only supports Lexile and Accelerated Reader at this time.  Check with your librarian if you are not familiar with what reading programs are offered.


If your library also has Academic Reserves, you will see a More Search Options link instead of the Reading Levels link.  Clicking this link displays tabs for Advanced Search, Reading Levels, and Academic Reserves.


Set up Reading Levels Search


  1. Click the Reading Levels link (or More Search Options link, when shown) next to the Search button to open the Reading Levels tab.

  2. Type the Lexile Measure, and/or AR Reading Level.  A range displays on the right of your typed value.

  1. Select from the drop-down list the AR Interest Level if you want to narrow your search.  

In the example below both Lexile and Accelerated Reader options are shown with the range selected for the AR Reading Level and MG selected for the AR Interest Level.



  1. Type the title, author, or subject you want to search in the Reading Level Search box. Typing a keyword here will return the best results. 

  1. Click the Reading Level Search button to display the associated titles.

  1. The search results display the Lexile Measure and/or the AR Reading Level.  A breadcrumb displays the selected search options at the top of the search results, as shown in the example below. This example also shows both the Lexile Measure and the AR Reading Level in the search results.  This display depends on what Reading Program your library supports.



Search Results Filter


To narrow your search even further, use the Lexile or Accelerated Reader (AR Reading Level, AR Interest Level) filters on the left side of the search results.  Refer to the example below.



Title Details Display


Specific information related to the selected title can be found under the title Details.  Refer to the example below.  The following headings will display, when applicable to the Reading Program(s) supported by your library.

*This area offers similar information regarding AR Reading Levels and AR Points, but may also offer additional information about other Reading Programs at your library, such as Reading Counts!  LS2 PAC only supports Lexile and Accelerated Reader at this time.  If you library offers other Reading Programs check here for related information.