Share Your List

If you would like to share the list you have compiled with your friends or family, or just email a list to yourself, click the Share This! link found under Saved Lists in the Account options.  The Share This! link will not be seen if your library has not enabled this feature.


Share This!

  1. If you have compiled a list and you now want to email the list, log in with your library credentials.

  2. Click Saved Lists from the Account drop-down list found in the upper right corner.

  3. Under Saved Lists, click the list name on the left for the list you want to email.

  4. Click the Share this! link found on the right side above the list name.  Refer to the example below.

    The Share this list pop-up displays, as shown below.


  5. In the first entry box type the email address(es) of whomever you want to share your list.  If you are sending your list to multiple addresses, use a comma between each address.  Make sure your email is in the correct format:

  6. In the second entry box type a message to go along with your list.  This is optional.  The message will display in your email before the items in the list.

  7. Click Send.  A confirmation green banner displays, Your list has been sent.

    Note: You can only email one list at a time.  Repeat Steps 3-7 for any additional lists you want to email.