Searching All Locations

On the left side of your search results you will see an area called Searching.  This area advises how many locations are being searched when your search results are returned. The default selection, All Locations, displays all of the locations in your library's network that have items related to your search term.  Refer to the example below for the search results for 'grilling recipes'.


This example shows 'All Locations' were used to display what is available in the library's network for the items related to the search term, grilling recipes.  The Library Catalog shows 20 items were returned.  The first title, Weber's real grilling, displays, '4 Available in All Locations' and shows a link to View All Locations.

Clicking View All Locations displays All Copies, showing the status of the title, Weber's real grilling, at each location, as shown below.

By changing Searching to display only selected locations, you can narrow your results to show only those items for the selected locations.  The following instructions will assist you in narrowing your search results using this feature.


Narrow Your Search to Selected Locations

  1. Click Change located in the Searching area to display the Select Locations to Search pop-up, listing of all of the locations in your library's network.

  2. Select the check box for each location to limit your search to only the selected locations.

    Using the 'grilling recipes' example discussed above, the location Regency Park Library has been selected to narrow the search results to only display items for the Regency Park Library.

  3. Click Save.  The search results will display only the items for the selected locations.

    In the example above the search results now display only those items found at the Regency Park Library.  Notice the book in the original results, Weber's real grilling now shows 1 Available.  Searching shows '1 Locations', indicating one location has been selected.  Only related items for the selected location displays.  The Library Catalog shows 7 items returned. The View All Locations now displays View Selected Locations.

    Clicking View Selected Locations for Weber's real grilling, displays All Copies with only the Regency Park Library location, as shown below.  


  4. The selected locations will remain only during your session. Click Change to display the pop-up and clear any selections you made, or to select different locations.