Search Magazine Articles

EBSCO provides articles and journals pulled from e-journals, e-books, and print subscriptions that have been published by various sources.  Some examples of the various sources include:  Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, New York Times, Forbes, among others.  If your library subscribes to EBSCO, you will see Magazine Articles, EBSCO, or some other related term in the top left side of your search results, under Library Catalog.  Next to the name is a count showing how many articles are available related to your search term.  Refer to the example below showing a count of 303541 magazine articles available for the search term, climate.



When you click Magazine Articles you will be asked for your library credentials if you are accessing your library's site remotely.  The articles display in a list format.  Use the Sort By drop-down to select Sort By Date Ascending or Sort By Date Descending to search for a particular date.  The default Sort By is Relevance.


Clicking the title of the article will open up information about the article in a new tab.  The example below shows the first article for the search term climate.  After clicking the title the title details display (shown as an insert for illustration purposes).  If the title of the article does not have a link to the title details, there is no further information about the article.



After you have paged through your articles, click Library Catalog to return to your list of search results, or use the Search box to type a new search term.