Search Britannica

Britannica provides hundreds of thousands of articles, biographies, videos, images, and web sites.  The articles in the Britannica are written by a staff of about 100 full-time editors and over 4,000 expert contributors.  It is widely regarded as the most scholarly of encyclopedias.  Only those libraries with a Britannica subscription can access the information.  If your library has a subscription, after performing a search you will see a Britannica link on the left side, under the Library Catalog count.  Refer to the example shown below.

Click the Britannica link.  As shown in the example above, a search for grapes shows 646 results in the Britannica database.  If you have not logged in to your account, you will be asked for your library credentials unless your library has set up your library's location to bypass your login.


The search results display, as shown below, with headings and a brief summary about the topic.



Click the heading you are interested in to read more about the topic.  The results, show below, display in a separate tab.  Close the tab when you are finished to return to the list of search results.

Note: If no results are found, the Britannica web site may be temporarily down.  Try again later.