Refining Results

The listing found on the left side of your search results will help to narrow down your search.  This list provides refinements to your search term.  Click any heading to expand and display a further breakdown for the selected heading.  Click +Show More to display additional categories.  Refer to the example below.  Author was expanded and Baker, Jerry will be selected to narrow the search to display only items by Jerry Baker.


When a filter is selected a Filtered By heading will display with the selected filter shown underneath.  Clicking Remove will remove the selected filter and generate new search results.  The example below, a continuation from the previous example, shows Baker, Jerry in the Filtered By area.



To filter even further select another refinement until you are satisfied with your search results.  Each filter selected will display under the Filtered By heading.  When there are no other selections the message displays, No further refinements are available.


The following list contains the available headings you may see in your search results.