Advanced Search

Searching Tips


Set up Advanced Search

  1. Click Advanced next to the Search button to open the Advanced Boolean Searching dialog, as shown below.



  1. All locations in your network will be searched. If you want to search specific locations, click (change) next to Searching all locations, as seen above.  A Select Locations to Search dialog displays.  Select the check box for each of the locations you want to search, and then click Save.  The heading will reflect the number of locations you have selected; for example, Searching 3 locations.  Choose between 'any of these' or 'all of these' for the search terms you are about to enter.  The default selection is 'all of these'.  Consider the following: 

  1. Choose from the first drop-down list Any Field, Title, Author, Series, Subject, Note, Tag, ISBN, or UPC.

  2. Choose from the second drop-down list, depending on your selection from the first drop-down, begins with, exactly matches, contains, or does not contain, as selections will vary based on your first selection. Consider the following: 

  3. Type your search term in the entry box.  Use the second set of drop-down lists if you want to narrow your search further.  Click the plus sign to add additional parameters and repeat steps 4 and 5.

  4. When you are satisfied with your search criteria, click Advanced Search to search for your term.  The search results display.

  5. If you are not satisfied with your results, click the Advanced link and revise your search terms.  Your existing terms will remain on the form until you clear them.  Use the minus sign to remove any of the search parameters.

  6. If no results are found for your search criteria, the message displays, No search results found.

  7. To return to regular searching, type your search term in the Search box in the header.