What is a tag?

Tagging is the process of assigning personal keywords to items which assist in locating relevant material at a later time.  Tagging will be done dynamically (each time a search term is entered and title details are viewed) if your library is set up that way, or you can add the tag to the title as you are viewing items.


Add New Tag

From your search results page, click a title to open the Details page.  Click the Add New Tag button found in the lower part of the title details.  If you are not already logged in, you will be asked for your library credentials.  For location of the Add New Tag link, refer to the example below.




Once logged in an entry box displays as shown in the example above.  Type a term relevant to the result and click Add.  The term is immediately added under the Tags area.  The system will block any inappropriate words.


Search Tags

After adding your own tag, you can later search for the item using the tag you created.  In the Search box type: tag: "[whatever tag name you used]" using all lowercase letters.  The search will return items with the same tag.  In the example shown above, you would type tag:redwall to display all of the items tagged with 'redwall'.


Tag Order

Tags are displayed in the order they were entered.  The latest dated tag shows first.