Search Shortcuts

The following table offers searching shortcuts to use with your search term.

Searching Shortcut


author:"[search term]" or au:"[search term]"

author field search

note:"[search term]" or no:"[search term]"  

note field search

subject:"[search term]" or su:"[search term]"  

subject field search

seriestitle:"[search term]" or se:"[search term]"

series search

tag:"[search term]"  

search of tagged words

title:"[search term]" or ti:"[search term]"  

title field search, including Tags

isbn: [number] or actual number

ISBN search

upc: [number] or actual number

UPC search

bid: [number] or recordid: [number]

Bibliographic Identifier (CARL) or Record Number (LS) search


multiple character wildcard


terms similar in spelling

AND or && or +

retrieve titles containing all of the terms

OR or ||

retrieve titles containing any of the terms

NOT or ! or -

retrieve titles containing only one term but not the other term


Shortcut Guidelines


Using Boolean Operators 

To search using a Boolean Operator (AND, &&, +, OR, ||, NOT, !, -), you must type the shortcut as shown in the table above.  Failure to capitalize the Boolean Operator will be looked upon as a title. 

More than one Boolean Operator can be used at a time; for example, sun AND moon NOT stars.  This also works for searching multiple tags.  If you wanted to search for tagged items 'sun and moon', you would type tag:"sun" AND tag:"moon".