Rate a Title

You can rate a title at any time by highlighting the number of stars you feel the title deserves using whole stars and half stars. You can rate without logging in, but if you want to write a review, you will be asked to provide your library credentials.


Meaning of Star Ratings


Places Where You Can Rate  

Rate your title from any of the following areas:



How to Rate

  1. Hold the mouse pointer over the stars to color the number of yellow stars you want to give for your rating. The star's meaning displays as a tool tip; 3 stars is Average.

  2. Click when you are satisfied with your rating.

Note: If the title has already been rated, move the mouse pointer over the stars to add or subtract stars. Click when you are satisfied with your rating.

  1. A green banner displays at the top of the screen, Your rating has been saved.

  2. At the same time a pop-up asks, Would you like to write a review?  Click anywhere to bypass the review.  Click the link to open the Add New Review dialog and write your review.  See Write a Review for more information.

  3. If you want to change the rating, repeat Steps 1 and 2 above.


How the Stars Add Up

When you first rate an unrated title your ranking displays immediately.  But as others start to rate the same title, the stars are averaged together.  An item with two ratings (five stars and two stars) will show the average (3.5 stars).  If you write a review (which requires a rating), the stars will be updated upon approval of your review.