Log In

Log in with your Library ID and PIN, or other credentials.  If you need a login, ask the library staff to assist you.  If you want to use an EZ Log In, see Create EZ Login.


A Log In is required if you want to:


How to Log In

  1. Click Log In, located in the top right corner, as shown below.  




  1. A Log In to your Account pop-up displays.



  1. Type your Library ID and PIN, or other credentials, as applicable, on the left side of the form.  If you have already created an EZ Login, type your EZ Login credentials on the right side.

  2. Click the Remember Me check box if you want to retain your login while you are working in the PAC.  The system will retain your information only during your session in the library.

  3. After typing your library credentials, click Log In.

  4. Once logged in [Your first name] Account slides out to the left, as shown in the example below.




  1. If you see a red circle next to [Your name] Account (as shown in the example above), there are issues on your account that need attention.  The number in the circle indicates the number of issues on your account.  Click the red circle and the Account Summary page opens to display the issues (e.g. overdues, fines, arrived holds,etc.).  See Account Summary for more information.


Are you having trouble logging in?