Download an eBook

If your library has subscribed to an eBook/eAudio provider, you will be able to find titles to download whether you choose to read an eBook or listen to an eAudiobook via a desktop computer, laptop, Smartphone, tablet, or eBook reader (Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, etc.).  Look for an eBook/eAudio link on your library's home page for direct linking to available items. Check with your library on how many items can be downloaded at a time.


What's Needed to Download



What to Look for in the Search Results


Your library can access eBook/eAudio items through different providers, such as OverDrive, 3M, Axis 360, etc.  Ask your librarian if you are not sure what e-resource provider the library is using. 

If your library is using OverDrive, you will see the item's availability and how many copies your library has along with how many others are waiting for the item, when applicable, in the search results.  The different options are discussed below:











In the example above, '7 Borrowers waiting on 2 copies' will give you an idea of how long it may take until you receive notice that the hold is available for download.  Another example, '0 Borrowers waiting on 1 copy', means the copy is currently checked out, but no one is waiting for the item.  Placing a hold in this example will place you first in line when the item is checked in.





If OverDrive is unavailable (the site goes down), the search results will no longer show the item's availability.  The search results will display Downloadable with a Download button.  Clicking Download may allow you to still connect to the site.  If you get an error message instead, try again later to access the e-Book/e-Audio item you want.

If your library is not using OverDrive as their eBook/eAudio provider, the search results will show Downloadable with a Download button.  Clicking Download will redirect you to the provider's site which will display the number of copies available and how many others may be waiting for the item.  Follow the instructions below on how to download your item.  




How to Download an eBook/eAudio


  1. Perform a search for the item you want.  Look for search results displaying a Download button.  Under the book jacket the item format will display as eBook, eAudiobook, Electronic Resource, etc.  Some results will also display 'Downloadable', as shown in the example below.  This also helps to easily see which of your search results are electronic resources.




You may also see just a Download button with the availability displaying, as shown below.  This means your library is using OverDrive as an e-resource provider.  OverDrive availability options are discussed above.




  1. Click the Download button.  You will be redirected to the eBook/eAudio provider's site to continue the download process.  Since there are different providers follow the instructions for the device you are using for eBooks or eAudio.  If this is the first time you have ever downloaded, additional software will need to be installed.  Your library's provider of eBook/eAudio will advise what software is needed to complete the process based on your device.  Refer to the example below showing the eBook provider, OverDrive. You can see how many copies are available and how many may be waiting on the item.  The format information is very important to see if your device can be used to download the title.




  1. Once the eBook/eAudio is downloaded you will have the allotted time to read the eBook or listen to the eAudio according to your library's policy.  If you read your eBook or listen to your eAudio before its due date, you can always delete it from your device, putting it 'back on the shelf'.

  2. You will receive an expiration notice via e-mail when your eBook/eAudio is due back.  You will then be asked to delete it from your device.  Some providers will send an e-mail advising the item has been returned.

  3. If you have placed an e-resource on hold, you will receive an email notice when the item becomes available.  Follow the instructions in your email to download the item.