Check Item Availability

There are several ways to check whether an item is available in your library, but it depends on how your library is set up.  Some libraries set up the catalog to show availability at all locations, while other libraries set up to show availability at only the local location (what's available IN the library).


Availability can display based on your login location.  This is helpful if you are logging in to the catalog from outside the library (home, office, mobile app, etc.) and want to see if an item is available.

If your library is using OverDrive as their e-resources provider, you will be able to see the availability of the item in the search results.  Check out What to Look for in the Search Results for more information on e-resources.


Information on where to look for what's available and what's not is discussed below.


Availability in Search Results


The following example displays search results for 'grilling recipes'.  The local location is Washington.  Notice each search result advises whether the item is available at Washington and provides a link to Check Other Locations.




In the example above the first result displays 1 Available at Washington and provides Find on shelf information.  This means the item is available at this location and with the Find on shelf information (the collection and call number) you will be able to locate the item on the shelf in your library.


The second result displays No Copies at Washington.  This means there are no copies available at the Washington location, but if you click Check Other Locations you will be able to see what other locations have the item.  Clicking Check Other Locations opens All Copies, showing the other locations where you can find the title, as shown below.




The third result displays Not Available at Washington.  This means the item is currently out at Washington,  but you can click Check Other Locations to see what other branches in your library network have the item.


If your library does not have the local location set up to see availability, you will see a View All Locations link, as shown below.  In this example your library may or may not have the item.  You will need to click View All Locations to see what location has the item.



If your library has only one location, you will see just the words [#] Available or Not Available.


Availability in Details


Depending on your library's set-up, viewing Details will display the availability for your local location.  Shelf information is found right after the Summary at the top or bottom of the screen.  Refer to the example below.





Availability in All Copies


You can always check for availability in All Copies.  Click the title from your search results, and then click All Copies on the left side.  All Copies shows all of the locations that have a copy of the title along with whether the title is available or not.  Refer to the example below.