Search EBSCO

Do you want to search the EBSCO database? EBSCO provides articles and journals pulled from e-journals, e-books, and print subscriptions, which have been published by various sources.  Some examples of the various sources include:  Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, New York Times, Forbes, and many others.  However, only those libraries that have an EBSCO subscription can access the articles and journals, which in these cases, an EBSCO tab displays.   


Type a search term in the Search field box, and click Search, as shown below.




A list of results appear, as shown below.   




Click the EBSCO tab.  If you have not logged on to your account, a log on dialog box prompts for your credentials. Type your Library ID/PIN or User Name/Password credentials.  If you forgot your credentials or for more information on how to access your account, see Log On.  If you do not have an account, register for a temporary library card or see your librarian to set one up.  Once logged on, you are redirected to a new screen, as shown in the example below.




Note: If no results are found, this could be caused from the EBSCO Web site temporarily down or your search term is too broad.  Try to narrow your results by adding more search terms to see if this resolves the issue.  If not, try your search later.     


Select how you want to sort your articles by clicking the Sort By down arrow.  Choose Relevance or Date.  The Sort By default is Relevance.  Next to the Sort By drop-down option, displays Page xx of xx.  To view additional article result pages, click the Next button, located to the right of the page number.  To view pages beforehand, click the Prev button.  There are no additional results if either Next or Prev button appears dimmed.  To view additional search results within the same page, use the scroll bar.  


The Collapse All expand_all_button.bmp button, located to the left of the Sort By drop-down list, displays your article results with only the article title, and sometimes the author(s) who published the item.  This option allows you to view more articles at one time.  When you click the Collapse All button, the button automatically changes to the Expand All collapse_all_button_articles.bmp button.  Click the Expand All button to return to the original view.  An example of the Collapse All view option and the change of the arrow direction are shown below.




The Collapse collapse_button.gif  and Expand image36.gif  buttons, located below the number in the individual articles, allows you to select which article results to collapse or expand.  In the example below, the articles for number 1 and 3 are displayed using the Collapse button and articles for number 2 and 4 are displayed using the Expand button.




Your results display the following information:  


Note:  Place your mouse over a title or author that contains a long heading.  The heading starts to scroll so you can view its entirety.  


Click the title to be redirected to the Description page, as shown in the example below.  




From the Description page, you can view additional information:




In addition, you can view other articles by the same author or subject.  To initiate a new search by the same author or subject, select a choice from under Authors or Subjects.  Your new article results appear.  For example, by clicking Harbison, Martha, shown above, you will receive the following results below, displaying author:"Harbison, Martha" with 76 articles found by only this author.




Click the Back to Results button located next to the Next/Prev buttons to return to the main EBSCO page.  To search another term, type it in the Search box.  



Please remember to log off once you are finished with your current session by selecting Log Off.  Failure to log off could allow other borrowers to access your personal information.  After a certain amount of time with no mouse activity, you are automatically logged off.  However, protect your identity by logging off.