View Account Summary/Information

Do you want to view your Account Summary/Information?  To view your Account Summary and/or Information, click My Account located on the lower-right drawer from the Titles or Browse Genre page.  When you click the My Account drawer, if you have not logged on to the system, a log on dialog box prompts for your credentials. Type your Library ID/PIN or User Name/Password credentials.  If you forgot your credentials or for more information on how to access your account, see Log On.  If you do not have an account, see your librarian in order to set one up.


Once logged on, you will find the Account Summary on the upper-middle panel and Account Information on the right panel, as shown in the example below.




On the Account Summary, you will find the following three options:  Loans, Requests, and Fines.  The number to the left of each option signifies the total amount outstanding.  In the example above, you have 6 items currently out on loan, 4 items on request, and $24.00 in fines.  Depending on your library's setup, Holds might display instead of Requests, but either way the meaning is the same.


The current option displayed has a down arrow below the tab label.  Requests displays as the current option, shown in the example below.




To access the other two options, click the appropriate label.  


The Account Information displays User Name, your Card #, Status, and Name.  In addition, you will find the following buttons:  Edit Contact Info, Change Pin, and Print.  An example of where the Account Information can be found is shown below.










For information on Edit Contact Info, Change Pin, and Print buttons, see Change My E-mail Address, Change My Home Address, Change My Phone Number, Change PIN Number, and Print My Account Information.


To log off or to continue with your current session, click the X located to the right of the My Account drawer, as shown in the example below.  




You are redirected to the Titles page;  continue as desired or select Log Off.  



Failure to log off could allow other borrowers to access your personal information.  After a certain amount of time with no mouse activity, you are automatically logged off.  However, protect your identity by logging off.