Log On

Do you need further instructions on how to Log On to the system?  Log On grants access to your account information, to write a review, to save lists and searches, to place requests, to add tags, and to view other library databases if applicable.  Click Log On  located below Search Suggestions on the Titles page or on the upper-right corner of the screen.  Examples are shown below.






When you click Log On or Not Me, a dialog box appears, as shown below.   Note:  Depending on your library's setup, these fields will vary.  For those schools using LDAP, only the Library ID and PIN fields display and you will not be able to create an EZ Log On.  Tip!  If you have school credentials where you log on to other school programs, type this information in the appropriate Library ID and PIN fields and then click Log On.




For all other borrowers, if you are logging on to PAC for the first time or you have not created an EZ Log On, type your information supplied by the library in the fields located under Use your library card/ID.  Click Log On if you would like to keep only your existing credentials and by-pass creating an EZ Log On.  If you change your mind in the future, go to My Account and select Click to Create, located on the Account Information section.  For more information, see Create EZ Log On Credentials.


Click Create an EZ Log On if you want to set up an easier user name and password at this time.  Additional fields appear, as shown below.  Food for thought:  By creating an EZ Log On, you can access the system using your EZ Log On credentials OR by your Library ID/PIN.




The following tips will help you with creating your EZ Log On:






When you are finished with typing the information in the fields, click Finish Creating Your EZ Log On.  If your new user name is already in use by another borrower, a message appears advising, The user name you have chosen is already in use by another borrower.  Please enter a new user name.


For returning borrowers, if you have previously created EZ Log On credentials, type this information in the User Name and Password fields and then click Log On OR type your Library ID and PIN under Use your library card/ID.


Are you having trouble logging on?  Read the tips below:







If you are still experiencing trouble or you forgot your PIN, contact your librarian for further assistance.



Please remember to log off once you are finished with your current session by selecting Log Off.  Failure to log off could allow other borrowers to access your personal information.  After a certain amount of time with no mouse activity, you are automatically logged off.  However, protect your identity by logging off.